Roaring Lambs

By (author): "Robert A. Briner"
Publish Date: March 1st 1993
Roaring Lambs
AsinRoaring Lambs
Original titleRoaring Lambs
How do 16-year-olds live out their Christian faith in class? Flipping burgers? In youth group?By being roaring lambs, that's how.Roaring lambs? They're Christians--your high school students--who leave the Christian ghetto and take the salt of the gospel with them into mainstream culture.This six-session curriculum shows students how to decompartmentalize their faith--to intentionally bring their faith out of the youth room and let it saturate all aspects of their lives--schools, jobs, friends, romance, home, and more--to be a Christ-follower, rather than merely do Christ-things. With topics like this: Bleeding Hearts in Bleating Sheep. Unless your love of God is transformed into outward behavior, you're only a bleating sheep instead of a roaring lamb.Welcome to the Ghetto. Are you in a Christian-programmed culture--a Christian ghetto? Then tear down the walls so you can see the world and the world can see you.Welcome to the World. You're not in Kansas anymore. Here's the difference between being in the world and being of the world.The Salt of the Earth. In praise of a high-sodium diet. You're the flavoring and preservative of the world Careers 101. Will the real Christians please stand up? Pastors and missionaries are not the only ones who serve God.The curriculum includes a music CD (produced by Squint Entertainment) of all-new songs from top CCM artists, including Jars of Clay . . . Sixpence None the Richer . . . Burlap to Cashmere . . . Delirious . . . Ashley Cleveland . . . Steven Curtis Chapman . . . Michael W. Smith . . . Ladysmith Black Mambazo . . . Over the Rhine . . . and more.For youth workers, Sunday school teachers, small-group leaders, camp counselors, DREs, pastors--anyone who wants to help teenage Christians take their faith out of the youth room and into the world. And become roaring lambs.Inspired by the Bob Briner best-seller Roaring Lambs