Seven-Year Seduction

By (author): "Heidi Betts"
Publish Date: 2006
Seven-Year Seduction
AsinSeven-Year Seduction
Original titleSeven-Year Seduction
Connor Riordan was the last Person she wanted to walk down the aisle with... Even if it was only at her brother's wedding. It was too painful a reminder of Beth Curtis's girlhood fantasies, featuring none other than Connor himself. That crush had culminated in one night of passion and seven years of bitterness; and even now, Beth's anger warred against her attraction toward Connor. Still, there was too much history--too many secrets--that would prevent her from ever loving him again.But when a storm strands the two together, Beth is in for a surprise. Connor has a secret of his own. He plans on seducing Beth--a seduction seven years in the making...