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The Eunuch Neferu

Marsche conveys an enthralling, historical fiction tale with The Eunuch Neferu. Upon the canvass of Roman-occupied Egypt in 23 B.C., this literary tapestry is woven using a rich and enchanting combination of history and human emotion. Controversial and thought provoking, The Eunuch Neferu chronicles the life of a boy who rose from desert poverty to aristocracy in ancient Alexandria. Illustrating both the power and delicacy of the human spirit, this book is about desire, drive, choices and consequences. Take a look at 23 B.C. through the eyes of Kebryn - peasant, servant, student, nobleman - and discover one of history's most alluring, enigmatic characters.

ISBN 1425725139
ISBN13 9781425725136
Publish Date March 1st 2004
Authors George E. Dieter