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The Book of Merlyn: Tales of the White Wizard

The Book of Merlyn is an epic poem that tells in rhyme a series of five exciting tales of the White Wizard. The saga begins with Merlyn's origins and early training-and the death of his mentor. The next three stories illustrate Merlyn's growth, both in power and skill as a Wizard, and in maturity and goodness as a human being. The final tale is the culmination of the book-the true story of Merlyn and King Arthur, told from the viewpoint of the Wizard. Come, journey through a magical world of dragons and faeries, of wizards and demons, of fascinating tales and spectacular imagery. Witness the triumphs and tragedies of the most famous Wizard of all time-the incomparable Merlyn.

ISBN 1413754228
ISBN13 9781413754223
Authors Marco Palmieri