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Love's Tender Prelude

A magnificent saga of love as Chloe Celeste, gifted daughter of Chloe Mae, struggles to forge her own unique destiny during a time of war and imminent change.In a season of new beginnings, Chloe Celeste embarks on a special journey - one that takes her to the quiet center of the heart and the spirit. Caught up in a world of wealth and privilege, the aspiring violinist pursues her art with grace and beauty. As her debutante cousing Ashley is absorbed in social revelry, Chloe Celeste cherishes visions of concert halls and fame. But as war grips the country, will her dream be swept away by the winds of srife?A telegram listing her beloved brother as "missing in action" awakens her worst fears and shakes her faith in a loving God.From the extraordinary storyteller Kay Rizzo comes the first book of the Chloe Celeste Chronicles, capturing the emotions and trials of a young woman and American families caught in the drama of World War I.

ISBN 0816312192
ISBN13 9780816312191
Series The Chloe Celeste Chronicles #1
Publish Date January 1994
Authors Daniel A. Brandt
Subjects Metallurgy