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Lost Between Worlds

In the parallel world of the Land of the Dragon Lord, things go from bad to worse for 15-year-old Kathy Morgan.Ashka, the renegade Spellbinder, steals the interface from the Oracle computer, leaving the land vulnerable for the first time in hundreds of years. Kathy and the scientist, Mek, go after her but the trans-dimensional boat is damaged and they are set adrift in the infinate continuum of parallel worlds.With the Oracle disabled, Sharak and his barbarian army invade. Sharak plans to become the new Dragon Lord by forcing Princess Aya to marry him. Only Kathy's brother, Josh, and Sun, the ex-Dragon Lord, are left free to stall the wedding until Kathy and Mek return.But Kathy and Mek must survive a world of crazy immortals and a world of killer machines in order to return to the land of the Dragon Lord, restore the Oracle and save Kathy's parents.Then the rescue goes wrong and Kathy and Josh must pursue Ashka to another parallel world where they face their greatest challenge - themselves.

ISBN 0733604153
Series Spellbinder #4
Authors ???? ????? Hokusai Katsushika Naoki Urasawa Takashi Nagasaki