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Confusion No More: For the Spiritual Seeker

Many spiritual seekers today are confused. They imagine enlightenment as a state of perfect peace entirely detached from worldly things, and feel disappointed or inadequate when they don’t attain that ideal. Ramesh S. Balsekar, a self-realized sage whose teachings have reached thousands, offers a down-to-earth message that corrects this misunderstanding. With eloquence and humor, he shows how spirituality and daily life can exist in harmony. We conquer our confusion when we accept that whatever exists in the moment is precisely as it’s supposed to be, according to the Cosmic Law that is forever beyond the grasp of the human intellect. With jargon-free simplicity, he explains how to find true peace by learning to perceive the oneness of all things.

ISBN 190585725X
ISBN13 9781905857258
Publish Date 2003
Authors David R. George III Keith R.A. DeCandido