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Uncle's South China Sea Blue Nightmare

Uncle s South China Sea Blue Nightmare is a moving poetic masterpiece by acclaimed author Lamont B Steptoe. It chronicles his life-changing war experience in Vietnam. The book begins with three letters to his mother, followed by two short poems, climaxing in the epic forty-one-page title poem. A former American soldier, Steptoe s unique voice and perspective provides an alternative to those who question the legitimacy of war and those who feel entitled to their freedom without any sacrifice. But there is always a price to war, often more than in human life. Steptoe dealt with the irony of defending American foreign policy while facing racism from a white military establishment, representing a culture that treated him as less than equal. He faced this as he battled in the jungle. This is his story, that of a reluctant warrior, an impassionate observer with a pen.

ISBN 1882611063
ISBN13 9781882611065
Authors Aleister Crowley Theodor Reuss
Subjects Magick Thelema