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Texts, Pictures, and Scores: Some Aspects of a Philosophy of Languages

In many fields of today's scientific research there are scholars who deal with symbolic systems such as painting music or verbal languages. No matter what the main content of every single discipline may be, the real challenge is to build up something like a general theory for languages. Is is in this context that we may place the studies of some important philosophers such as Janos S. Petofi and Nelson Goodman or-in another respect--Willard Orman Quine and Donald Davidson, who are taken into consideration by the author of this work. The book is organized by using an original mix of theoretical starting points (about the destinies of philogy, translation, the theory of notation) and of practical text-analyses (of Greek music and of popular religious painting). The result of such a path is the outline of a new theory of sign and communication called 'editor theory'. Contents: Classical phiology--Text-semiotics Philosophy of language--Pictorial texts Ancient Greek music--Translation studies Theory of communication--Multimedia.

ISBN 0820454761
ISBN13 9780820454764
Authors Fatou Diome