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This selection was specially compiled by the author shortly before his death for publication in English. The reader will also find an introduction entitled "Some Random Reflexions" written by Paustovsky, which appeared in the second collection of his works published in Russian (1967-69) in eight volumes. Konstantin Paustovky's life (1892-1968) was a long and highly productive one. Over a period of some fifty years passionately devoted to literature this great Soviet writer produced many delightful works. His talent and profound humanism won him world-wide fame and popularity. Here are just a few of the remarks addressed to him by his friends and colleagues: "A certain lady writer, one of our contemporaries, once told me: 'Without Paustovsky's books something would be missing. There may be other more talented writers, but I cannot think of anyone as conscientious as him.' This is why we have such great respect for you. It is why we revere our great predecessors, the writers of the last century: because of their love for their fellow men, their desire to help them, their understanding attitude towards mistakes, and the high demands which they made on themselves.'" - Ilya Ehrenburg "I think the public likes Paustovsky because he dispenses goodness so generously... One can fight for goodness in many ways. One way of serving it is by inculcating a sense of goodness in people. This is how Paustovsky serves it." - Olga Berggolts "Konstantin Paustovsky cannot possibly know all his disciples because there are millions of them in this country of ours. As one who constantly feels himself to be a disciple of this great writer I would be only too happy if my life and work could convey even a fraction of Paustovsky's great concern for his fellow man." - Vladimir Tendyrakov

ISBN 1410104575
ISBN13 9781410104571
Publish Date January 1st 1970
Authors Mark A. Garland