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Chwedl Taliesin: Cyfaddasiad Newydd

Take a little parsley, a touch of ivy, lots of garlic, and a few other ingredients, boil them together in a huge cauldron for a year and a day, and you have the perfect spell. What spell? One to make the stupid wise and one that Ceridwen the witch uses for her ugly, obnoxious and thoroughly unpleasant son in the hopes of turning him into the world's wisest wizard, a man so skilled that he will be accepted into the court of any king.Unfortunately for Ceridwen, things do not go according to plan and the benefits of the bubbling brew fall on Gwion. Fleeing Ceridwen's wrath, Gwion turns into a seed, only to be eaten by the enraged witch. Nine months later, Taliesin is born, wisest of the wise and an adept poet and trickster. He is soon called upon to prove his skills in the court of King Maelgwn. And then the fun really begins...Following their success with Tales from the Mabinogion, distinguished authors Gwyn Thomas and Kevin Crossley-Holland have produced a masterful retelling of a popular story from Welsh folklore. Margaret Jones's illustrations romp through the pages and capture the riotous humour of the text. Here is a book which will instantly appeal to children and adults alike.

ISBN 0708311121
ISBN13 9780708311127
Authors Thomas Szasz