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A Tale Of Time City

Vivian has been kidnapped! She's sure that Jonathan and Sam have whisked her away to a city of the future. But Time City exists outside time and space - though it's inhabitants, as Vivian discovers, couldn't be more human.Trying to get back home, Vivian becomes entangled in the plight of the crumbling Time City. A desperate hunt begins through time to find its builder, the legendary Faber John, and his four precious caskets. But someone else is determined to find him first - someone who is spreading chaos throughout history in an attempt to destroy the city."Dianna Wynne Jones has that rare ability to create a compelling fantasy in the mundane everyday world and to vest her characters with bad temper, laziness and other perfectly ordinary traits, whilst still weaving about them magic, fantasy, power, humour and the destiny for 'great things'." Books For Your Children"Dianna Wynne Jones is one of the most interesting children's writers to emerge over the last decade." Times Literary Supplement

ISBN 0749704403
ISBN13 9780749704407
Publish Date 1987
Authors Israel Regardie David Godwin Carl Llewellyn Weschcke Cris Monnastre